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Logistics Inc.

iCargo Worldwide Logistics Inc. is a Local & International Freight Forwarding company, all Filipino owned and operated by experienced staff who have an in depth understanding of Local & International Market. We employ a staff of 25 highly trained professional personnel & offers a full range of Forwarding activities.



The company’s vision is pursuing excellence by enabling the sustainable growth while ensuring our customers demand is continually met. This will be achieved by enhancing the education of a more service oriented employee and creating better logistic solutions.


To move ahead and create a noticeable identity,  iCargo Worldwide Logistics is  concentrating on making itself indispensable to its growing client base. This is achieved by  providing high quality service.


iCargo offers every client, irrespective of size, access to a superior quality of relevant, responsive service standard. This service standard has been continuously  enhanced over the years,  to keep pace with the changing demands of business.


iCargo can competently address business specific moving needs, as well as, offer a  range of permutations and combinations to create "best match" needs.


Its expertise lends itself to expert and informative pre-shipment advice, complete documentation procedure and preparation, freight booking transportation, timely receiving and loading at ports, proper and convenient warehousing, co-ordination with relevant authorities at customs to assist speedy clearance, site handling and store management etc.


iCargo Worldwide Logistics has also built a formidable presence in the specialized field of Project Cargo Handling and Clearance. To enhance this edge, it is always looking for ways and means to create more innovative and efficient methods to service its customer demands. The near future, will therefore see it unveil an exciting chapter, in its history and growth.



We are focused on providing a personal service that is tailored to client’s needs.  Dedicated to our customer and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that we exceed their expectation.

We may be a local company, but we appreciate the importance of being Globally competitive. We have a Global vision and we have Global partnerships that enhance the quality of service we provide.  We have customized our service to suite the changing needs of our clients and we would do the same for you.

In conjunction with the reputation of our International partners,iCargo Worldwide Logistics Inc. have established credit with Shipping Lines, Airlines and other Haul Operators that allows us to handle freight to and from any serviced destination.

We can tailor out rates to best suit the transit and modal requirements of the shipment depending upon whether it is time or price sensitive. Our low overheads ensure our quotations provide excellent serviced based value, no matter how complex or detailed the movement is.

We are proud of the complete service we are equipped to offer to Local & Overseas Exporters & Importers. From the urgent Letter Sample, to Full Container Cargoes ….On time, intact and guarantees customers the most effective service. There is no shipment too large or too small that we cannot completely and effectively handle.

At iCargo Worldwide Logistics Inc. we don’t just SATISFY customers but also DELIGHTS them.

Our Process


Export Haulage


Export Customs Clearance


Import Customs Clearance


Destination Arrival & Handling


Import Haulage


 We are your reliable cargo solution

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